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Noel Antonio Agra


Chef/Certified Jumprope and OCR Coach

He started his jumprope journey when he was working as a chef. He wanted to lose weight while working a 12-14 hour shift and decided to include jumprope as part of his lifestyle. After losing 50 pounds, he wanted to share his life changing experience by obtaining jumprope certifications, by coaching individuals in different gym facilities, and by holding jumprope events to increase the awareness for jumprope as a lifestyle. Refining one’s self through constant practice in jumprope, in sports and especially in life, is his motive for what he wants to attain.


Isaiah Jeremiah Delarmente

Vice President - Technical

He used to be obese during his teenage years. He exhibited his interest in fitness when he became determined to lose weight and be healthy. He managed to have a healthy and active lifestyle when he discovered his interest for jump rope. It became his staple cardio exercise and he began to develop a passion for it. He wanted to share this great change and experience to others and this led him to making jump rope a platform for ministry in reaching out to the youth. Currently, IJ is a healthcare worker, sharing his advocacy on fitness and health through jumprope.


Erwin Jeremy Ng

Vice President - Events

Erwin was admittedly not your boy next door kind of guy. He loves to eat in chunks, has a sweet tooth and had always been overweight. He recalls a couple of humiliating stories during his heaviest,  when he weighed 210 pounds. Erwin’s lowest point became his breakthrough moment towards a healthier lifestyle. Fitness wasn’t natural to him. It took him discipline and consistency to further the enthusiasm about it. Now, he is known as the man behind Jump Manila trying to influence people that being fit could be fun too through skipping ropes and adding twists with tricks and dance steps to the routines. He tries to include everyone in the community most especially beginners, for he believes that good company can be the strongest support in one’s fitness journey.


Lovely Tajan

Secretary General

Lovely is a proud mother of two girls, a Philippine and US Registered Nurse. She was Mrs. Universe Philippines - International 2019 and who proudly represented our country in Malaysia and brought home the crown of Mrs. International 2019. A member of different NGO organizations and a board member of Noble Queen of the Universe. She has always been active in boxing since 2013 but got into jumping rope 3 years ago. It was May 2020, the peak of the Covid pandemic when she got curious with jumping rope as she was trying to find an alternative workout that she can do at home. Since then, she has found her passion in the said sport.


Arrion Zachary Marañon


Zach is a fitness enthusiast that has experience in competitive swimming and triathlons. After leaving the swimming and triathlon scene, his weight fluctuated up and down as he sporadically would visit the gym to keep in shape. In 2019, Zach found jumprope as a fitness activity that really brought joy and fun to his workouts and because of this, he has become consistent with maintaining his weight, health, and fitness at a level that he is satisfied with. He aims to continue growing by learning new jumprope moves and increasing cardiovascular health with these workouts.


Alberto Agra


At 57, his fitness journey has reached another milestone. From the time he became fit when he turned 50 after losing 70 lbs, he has taken up running, he continues to seriously train, he actively competes in obstacle sports, and he restarted his javelin throwing. Now, he is into another wellness activity - jump rope. He strives to learn, unlearn and relearn.


Mark Joseph Casidsid

Chair, Para-Jump Rope Committee

Aga is a blind obstacle sports national athlete, ultramarathoner, road and trail runner, and jump rope enthusiast. His passion for sports gave him a new perspective in life despite losing his sight. Being surrounded with so many people who inspires him to be better, he works hard and aims to also be the same for others, through sports.


Maricel L. Baltazar


Mache is a tax and corporate lawyer and acts as the group's treasurer. She completed her Masters in Public Administration from the University of the Philippines, Diliman. She discovered her love for rope jumping when quarantine started and is slowly getting her coordination in order.

Athlete Council:


Ryan Alonzo

His friends call him "Rai," but everyone else knows him as "Skipman." Rai discovered his passion for jump rope during the pandemic. What started as a means to stay active turned into a serious pursuit. Rai's dedication and perseverance paid off, resulting in him becoming a three-time Guinness World Record holder in jump rope.

Beyond his jumping talents, Rai is a multifaceted individual. A graduate of marketing, a food technologist, and most recently a certified nutrition coach. He is a full time food entrepreneur and above all, a husband and father of two.


Chito Ines

Chito is currently a professional photographer. In his younger years, he was a member of the Ateneo Football and Track and Field teams both in the Juniors and Seniors divisions and played for the national youth football team. An injury and subsequent lack of exercise were large contributors to his weight gain until 2018 when he decided to take back control and start a healthier lifestyle. He started to learn jump rope as an alternative to running before the pandemic. As the world fell into lockdown in 2020, he began to spend a lot more time learning and unlocking different skills and sharing his knowledge and love of the sport with others in the process.


Rob Layco

Rob is a registered nurse by profession. He got into boxing back in 2013 because of his grandfather, who is a fan of the said sport. We all know that jump rope is widely incorporated in boxing and he really got into it. He was out of shape during college but with the help of boxing and jump rope, he lost 50 lbs. During Covid19 pandemic, Rob began to focus on jump rope since all fitness centers are closed. In addition to this, he was able to share his knowledge about the sport with the help of social media.


Anne Salandanan

Anne has a bachelor's degree in accountancy. She first became interested in fitness in 2013, when she began to treat her health seriously by completing HIIT exercises at home and lowering her food intake because she weighed 63kg at the time. She eventually reached her goal weight and began training weights in 2017. In 2018, she decided to compete in numerous beauty pageants and won in her hometown and school in provincial and regional events. During the epidemic in 2020, she discovered jump rope, which she integrated into her daily routines.


She found the community on Instagram and met Rob, who became her coach. That's when her career as a jump rope competitor and instructor began. She was invited to make several online guest appearances on CNN, Pinoy Big Brother, and Ptv5. She has been a part of the PJRA athlete council, as well as the Team manager and leader of the jump rope brand "TheFlightPh." She was one of the athletes to represent the country at the IJRU 2021 Virtual Championship, finishing 41st. Anne was able to share her knowledge and teach others about jump rope a sport and lifestyle, she’s also a running enthusiast.

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